Art in the Open Learning Programme

These mosaic inspired pictures were created by Year 4 pupils using sugar paper and coloured copier paper.

The pictures are most effective if a black sugar paper background is used. Emphasise to pupils that spaces must be left in between each square of coloured paper, the squares must not be touching!

This can be done as an individual project, on approx A3 size, or on a larger scale with pupils in groups of about 5 or 6, on A1 size. This project is fairly time consuming, so it is best to allow at least 3, hour long sessions to complete.

Provide pupils with paper that has been cut, using the guillotine, into 1cm thick strips. Pupils can then cut the strips into squares themselves. This minimizes waste and makes storing the spare paper much easier. Pupils can draw a light outline of their picture using a pencil and then use the squares to 'fill in' the shapes.

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Collages can be made from a variety of materials. Materials can be grouped by colour which can be great for creating abstract work. These collages were made by Year 5 pupils, who were exploring the theme of water. The painted sections of the collage were made using printing techniques (see Art Skills for Teacher Printing and Painting). Other textures were then added using coloured paper, fabric, wool and string.

These mixed media collages were created by Year 3 pupils, as part of a Robots 'Moving Parts' project. Pupils designed their robots on paper and were then provided with a range of materials, including cardboard, buttons, paper clips, treasury tags and pipe cleaners.

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