Art in the Open Learning Programme

This is a great game for encouraging children to look really carefully at a work of art. It also develops communication skills and team work.

Describe your painting to your partner, who must then draw it.

  • Put pupils into partners.
  • Each pair must have a 1 piece of paper and 1 pencil.
  • Give partner 1, a picture (images of works from the Ben Uri collection can be found in the teaching packs, the A Sense of Place teaching pack is particularly suitable) Partner 1 will be the 'describer'.
  • Partner 2 MUST NOT SEE the picture given to the describer.
  • Partner 2 will be the 'drawer'.
  • The drawer must draw the picture guided only by the instructions of Partner 1.
  • The describer must describe every detail of the painting, in order for Partner 2 to reproduce the picture accurately.
  • When the first drawing is created partners can swap roles and begin the activity again.
  • At the end of the activity pairs can show their results to the rest of the class. Keep a big pile of pictures ready for those that finish early. Pupils enjoy playing this game!
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Describe this picture to your partner...

The Bridge
Chana Kowolska, 1904—1943
(A Sense of Place Teaching Pack)