Art in the Open Learning Programme

Mixed media pictures are pictures that are made using a variety of materials and techniques. For example, drawing, painting and collage. The use of mixed media can help to teach children about a range of materials and techniques. It is also very useful for thinking about composition, as it often requires pupils to assemble the components of their picture.

This picture was created by a Year 2 pupil. The background was created using handwriting pen on cartridge paper. The character was created using pencil, watercolour and handwriting pen. The character was then cut out and stuck on to the background.

This picture was created by a Year 6 pupil as part of an Imaginary Landscapes project. Pupils made observational drawings of plants and flowers before creating their own, wild landscape pictures. A series of drawings and paintings were made using water colours and handwriting pens. The drawings and paintings were then cut out and assembled on to one background.

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These are readily available in the classroom and can be used to produce some effective results. If pupils are going to use coloured pencils to colour in, it is best to use the pencil on its side, rather then trying to colour using the tip of the pencil. This will create a smoother and more even coverage. Using a colour matching felt tip to outline different parts of the drawing can provide extra emphasis and 'finish' a drawing off.

Each section has been coloured in with pencil crayons and then outlined with the corresponding felt tip colour.

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