Art in the Open Learning Programme

This is a great way to combine literacy and visual art. It works best if the school has sets of the felt tip pen style calligraphy pens, but the same method can be used without them.

Explore different types of calligraphy. This could be traditional calligraphy, alphabets from around the world, and also modern typography in street signs, advertising, posters in magazines etc. There are many to be found on the internet!

Think of the object you would like to draw. Come up with a list of describing words for that scene or object, for example for a beach scene you could write, calm, windy, breezy, and also the words for the objects that you might find there such as shore, waves, sand, beach, boat etc.

Draw a pale outline of your object using a pencil. Then fill the shapes in with your words.

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The sheets of paper for practicing writing can be turned into 3D sculptures when finished

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