Art in the Open Learning Programme

Very basic but effective 3D models can be made using arts straws and masking tape. These sculptures were made by Year 5 pupils. Art Straws are great to use as an introduction to 3D art, as pupils can realise their designs in 3D for the first time and begin to explore the challenges of making a 3D model. Pupils should consider how to make their structure strong and self standing as well as how to attach together the various components of the structure.

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Cardboard Sculptures inspired by the Movement pack created by Year 5 and 6 pupils

These 3D sculptures were all inspired by the Movement teaching pack. Pupils will need to create a drawing of their sculpture design first. Provide pupils with a selection of cardboard pieces (use old boxes but make sure the cardboard is not too thick to cut with classroom scissors)

You can also provide an assortment of other materials such as small pieces of light wood (such as balsa wood) corks, plastic lids and packaging, toilet roll tubes, string, art straws and lollypop sticks. Ensure that each pupil has a base, on which to build the sculpture. Pupils can use PVA glue to attach the pieces, but some of the parts may need to be attached using the glue gun (Have a couple of glue guns ready and heated up at the back of the classroom and supervise use)

Once the sculptures have been made they can be sprayed with gold and silver spray (spray outside or in a well ventilated area, indoor spraying can make the classroom smell for days!)

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