Art in the Open Learning Programme

This is perhaps one of the simplest methods of using collage in the classroom and can lead to some striking results. Provide pupils with a range of papers. These can be copier papers, newspapers, magazines, wallpapers. For this activity, insist that pupils do not use pens or pencils. Every detail must be made from paper, for example, eyes must be cut out and stuck on etc. Pupils may use a pencil on the back of the coloured paper to assist them with drawing their shapes, but no detail must be drawn with pen or pencil on the final piece. Glue sticks are best used for this activity, as PVA glue tends to curl the paper. It is best to work on plain white or plain black background paper, to enhance the colours and patterns of the collage. Sugar paper or cartridge is best.

Pupils started by making observational drawings of birds. They visited the zoo to draw birds from real life and also looked at pictures in books.

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