Art in the Open Learning Programme

A helpful introduction to drawing the figure is to make cardboard models that can demonstrate the way that the figure moves. Discuss the parts of the body with pupils beforehand, looking at the skeleton and the way that the parts of the body connect.

You can then make a moving model.

You can provide templates to make the moving models, or older pupils can make their own. Use copier card to make the models and split pins to attach the pieces. These can be a bit tricky to use, but holes can be made using sharp pencils if the pupils are finding it hard.

These models were made by Year 4

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Once the models have been made they can be used to create a range of 'poses'. Ask pupils to choose a sport or activity and then shape their model into that pose. Sports and games are good starting places for action. You can use real photographs of sports people to help with producing the poses.

You can then ask pupils to draw from their models.

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