Art in the Open Learning Programme

Continue the Drawing

A further activity which can be used to develop drawing skills and encourage imaginative thinking is a 'Continue the Drawing' activity.

Print out images of art works from the Ben Uri teaching packs. Cut these pictures in half, or into smaller sections, and stick on to a large sheet of cartridge paper (1 image section per sheet). Pupils must then continue the drawing, to complete the picture and fill the whole page. (This is also a great starting point for literacy as pupils must invent the rest of the picture/story) Encourage children to imagine what is happening in the rest of the picture.

Include the Object

Choose 3 objects from a selection printed out on to paper (the words can be things like, an umbrella, a sock, an angry cat, a old key, a pointy hat etc.) Pupils must create a picture that contains all of these 3 things, and tell a story with their picture.

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The sheets of paper for practicing writing can be turned into 3D sculptures when finished

There are no exact rules to drawing the figure, but there are some tips that can help. The best way to demonstrate proportion to the pupils is to use your own body or theirs! For example, stand with you hands reaching down as far as they go. Where do your arms reach on your body? It's about half way down the thigh. Is this longer than we initially thought? Hands are often drawn too small. Put your hand over your face. The hand nearly covers the entire face! We should try to remember these observations about the body when we are drawing. Discussion about how the body really looks is very important before embarking on trying to draw the figure.

The distance from feet to head is exactly the same distance as the span of the person with their arms outstretched! You can usually fit about 7 heads into one body, so the proportion of head to body should be about 1/7 You can usually fit 3 heads across the distance of the shoulders, so make sure shoulders are wide enough! Hands reach down as far as the middle of the thighs!

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