Art in the Open Learning Programme

The ability to record things quickly is an important skill for an artist to have. Frank Auerbach for example (see A Sense of Place Teaching Pack) makes numerous quick drawings of places before taking them back his studio turning them into paintings. They are not always perfect drawings but they give us a clear sense of what is happening in the scene.

Instructions: Each child must choose an object. It should be an interesting one! When the pupils are ready explain that they are doing timed drawings. They must try to capture the shape of the object and as much detail as they can. For example, does the object have a pattern or texture to it? Is there a reflection showing on your object? Next use the classroom clock or a timer to make the drawings. Pupils will have 2 minutes to make their first drawing. When this is completed they must write 2 mins underneath it. The next drawing will be 1 minute only, then 30 sec, then 10 secs, then 5 secs! Do an 'on your marks' countdown to create a fun atmosphere. By the time pupils get the 5 secs they will be quite excitable! So next, work your way back up to 2 mins, 10 secs, 30 secs, 1 min then finally 2 mins again. See how the drawings change with the amount of time you have.

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