Art in the Open Learning Programme

Instructions: Prepare a blinder per child. You can trim an A4 piece of copier card into a square shape using the guillotine. Children can put their own pencils through the centre of the blinder when they are ready to use. Remind them to be careful when doing this!

An oil lamp drawn with the 'wrong' hand by a Year 5 pupil.

Pupil can now draw. Tell them to resist the urge to look at the paper as we all do it instinctively out of habit, tell them that you will be looking for sneaky peekers!! Children should let their eyes follow the outline of the object. They can imagine that their eyes are telling the hand what to do, as the eye moves the hand should move too. The drawings will look really funny at first!! Demonstrate for the children and show them the results! This is not about getting a 'correct' drawing, but instead to really look at the shape of the object. Encourage those children who have not looked and who have made interesting observations on paper.

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Drawing made by a Year 5 pupil without taking the pencil off of the paper.

Ask the children to arrange several objects on the table in front of them. Position them so that they are touching each other. Now, pupils must draw all 3 objects, without taking the pencil off of the paper.

The objects that were being drawn

One artist drew the entire contents of a science laboratory in this way!

Remember to keep looking carefully at the objects that you are drawing!

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