Art in the Open Learning Programme

Group drawing is fun! It is important to make sure that each person has a clear sense of what they are contributing however as some children may start to do all of the work! In this picture, each child began by designing their own monster. Then in groups they showed their monster to the other group members. (The aim of the task was to produce 1 giant monster drawing per group)

Year 5 pupils creating giant monsters using oil pastels and watercolours

The pupils had a vote on which bit of their monster would be included in the final drawing. For example, the monster may have one persons head, the other person's feet, the other person's tail and so on until every child had a part to draw. They then created their giant monsters!

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Alternatively set up long pieces of paper on tables pushed together in the classroom or on the floor of the hall. Let children sit on each side of the paper and ask them to draw. This is great for drawing places, such as street scenes, or whole environments such as rainforests, under the sea, fantasy worlds etc.

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