Art in the Open Learning Programme
  • Blinders (see below)
  • Sharp pencils (ideally 2B)
  • A3 cheap paper such as newsprint paper (A4 is ok but A3 encourages bigger, bolder drawings!)
  • A variety of objects such as: teapots, cutlery, cups, glasses, toys, tools, ornaments etc. (choose objects that children are not used to looking at to try to prevent children from drawing from their imaginations for these activities- this encourages children to work from the real thing)
  • NO RUBBERS! Mistakes can be useful for learning, correct them on the page by drawing over them!

Drawing with a blinder (Year 6)

A blinder is really just a piece of card cut into a square shape that can be placed over the pencil to prevent the pupil from looking at the paper as they draw. The point of the activity is to develop observational drawing skills. By not looking at the paper, pupils are encouraged to look at the object that they are drawing and not the drawing itself.

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